General Ledger: Meaning, Classification, Examples

Accountants record and analyze these transactions to generate an overall picture of their employer’s financial health. Accounting is the process of tracking and recording financial activity. People and businesses use the principles of accounting to assess their financial health and performance. Accounting also serves as a useful way for people … Read more

Shopify Accounting Guide: Software, Automation & Tax

There are lots of services that can help with this, and many accounting software options offer payroll as a feature. With many paid and free accounting software options out there, you’re sure to find a bookkeeping solution that will suit your business needs. Start by opening up a checking account, … Read more

What Is Preferred Stock, And Who Should Buy It?

If the corporation owns more than 20% of the dividend payer, it can deduct 65%. In this article, we look at preferred shares and compare them to some better-known investment vehicles. With cumulative dividends, the company might pay the dividend at a later date if it can’t make dividend payments … Read more

Employment Taxes Internal Revenue Service

Certain tax-exempt organizations may be subject to an excise tax on excess executive compensation. For more information, see the Instructions for Form 4720. An independent contractor often has a significant investment in the facilities or tools they use in performing services for someone else. However, a significant investment isn’t necessary … Read more

Change in Net Working Capital NWC Formula + Calculator

Let’s understand how to calculate the Changes in the Net Working Capital with the help of an example. Therefore, let’s understand why it is important to have adequate Net Working Capital. This is typically the case with the manufacturing units and certain wholesaling and retailing sectors. Therefore, financial managers must … Read more

Factors of Production definition and explanation

The United States is blessed with an abundance of easily accessible natural resources, including fertile land and water. That’s an advantage over Canada, which has similar natural resources, but they are not always as accessible due to permafrost covering parts of the country’s land. On a professional sports team, each … Read more